इश्क में मरजावा 2 सीरियल में आज नजर आने वाली actress Helly shah से जुड़ी ये है कुछ unknown fact

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Title- Heli Shah Unknown Facts.

Recently, the serial "Ishq Mein Marjawa 2" has started on Colors TV, which this time features "Heli Shah" in the lead role, she is playing the character of a girl named "Riddhima" in the show You can go to any extent for your lover, whom she is playing very well and winning the hearts of the audience, you have become a popular TV actress today, but even today you all I do not know anything, there are still 10 such unknown facts about them, which no one knows about.

So in this video of our day, we are going to tell you about those same 10 Unknown Facts, that you will be surprised to know, if you also want to know about those Unknown Facts, then join us Stay tuned till the end of this video, plus you do not forget to like our video for Haley.

number 1

Actress "Heli Shah", who played Ridhima in Ishq Mein Mar Jawa To, was born on 7 January 1996 in Ahmedabad, but few people know that it is an Ahmadabadi.

number 2

Few people know that Haley was always a ranker in school, because she wanted to prove that girls are not inferior to boys, so she always topped boys in her class during school days

No. 3

You will be surprised to know that when she was seen playing the role of Tali in Star Plus show "Gulal", which was her first show, at that time it was in 8th grade, but still she did her work and acting quite well Managed by

Number 4

Haley Shah was just 16 years old when she played the lead role of "Alakshmi" in the Life OK show "Alakshmi Hamari Super Bahu", after which she played the daughter of "Gautami Kapoor" in "Khelte Hain Zindagi Aankh Micholi". He played, but he got his real identity by playing the role of "Swara" in "Swaragini", while currently he is playing the passionate girlfriend "Ridhima" in "Ishq Mein Marjwa 2".

Number 5

Let me tell you that Haley Shah, who always looks happy and jokes all the time, is very emotional and sensitive in real life, she puts small things to heart, weeps very quickly, so everyone is very caring about them. He talks about it, does not know which thing should hurt him.

Number 6

Haley is the biggest fan of Bollywood films, working in the TV industry, she likes to watch movies, her favorite film is "Didielje", which she can watch any number of times, without being bored, talking to her favorite actors. She is most liked by the actors "Amitabh Bachchan" and "Ranbir Kapoor", while "Deepika Padukone" is her favorite in the actress, she likes Deepika's "Chennai Express" role.

Number 7

You will be surprised to know that Haley Shah has turned 24 today, where all the actresses and common girls at this age make boyfriends one or the other, while in the last 24 years they have not had a boyfriend, they believe That all these things are rubbish, it is better that we focus on our career, so it is still single and focusing on our career, that is the reason why it is successful today at the age of 24 Actress has become.

Number 8

Few people know that Haley has become the popular actress of TV today, but still she has not left her footsteps, she is still acting with acting, at present, she graduated from Science University from Mumbai University. Still working.

number nine

All TV actresses do dieting to keep themselves fit and only eat healthy food, but Haley does not do this, she does little dieting, even does not refrain from eating water like Puri, because it His favorite is snake, which he definitely eats everyday.

Number 10

The best thing inside them is that they are very dedicated to their work and they do their work very strongly, even if they feel afraid to do that work, something like this recently Marjwa 2 in Ishq It happened during the shoot of the set, they were supposed to enter the sea, but they are afraid of water, yet they drowned their fear and went to the waist to the water, a bigger problem was that they wore the lehenga at that time. Had kept, his weight was more than 10 kg, due to which things became more difficult for him, but still he did this scene very well and he was praised a lot.

So friends, did you like Haley Shah's acting as Swara or it looks good as Ridhima, you must tell us your comments by commenting in the comment box and also to know such spicy news related to TV industry. You should not forget to subscribe to our channel.
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