5 MORE Gamer Misconceptions About Cars!

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5 Things Video Games Get Wrong About Cars! The long awaited sequel to 5 Gamer Misconceptions About Cars! GET READY GAMERS, as I sit you down, and teach you , that sounds pretty bad out of heck that probably sounds bad even with

Anyways, the things you've learned from games, whether intentionally or simply through just being exposed to them are wrong! Nos=Flames? More like NOS=uhhhh, boring timing setups, and uhhhh, fuel lines, and uhhhh, making sure the gaskets don't blow, and yeah purging process. Yeah that's way less exciting than BUTTON=FLAME.

Although you CAN make a button=flame. It's called 2-step or Anti-lag! (depending on if you us a Supercharger or Turbocharger or are NA).
I have a button I wired via a Lingenfelter 2-step to shoot flames out my exhaust cause hurr durr, 640WHP Supercharged Z06 go brrr. Check out the video here:

MY TIK TOK! @bladed__angel?lang=en

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