Adley’s HAiR SALON and SPA ✂️ Dad gets a Makeover!! first haircut, shaving cream, and luxury wash!

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morning makeovers for my family (if they dare)


HEY EVERYBODY!! And good morning! I've open my own hair salon and I'm excited to have customers!! I started my day by opening up shop by organizing all my tools, getting my chair ready, and calling out for people to come to my business!! Mom was my first customer that came through my door and she wanted a classic make-up and haircut!! She was such a good customer that I offered her a job at my place and she was really excited!! After she was done with the ultimate hair cut we called out for more customers but they weren't coming! So we had to get creative!! Turns out if you want more people to come to your hair salon all you have to do is DANCE!! Once we started to dance Niko and Dad came rushing to us!! They needed haircuts too! Niko wanted to look like Spiderman so we colored his hair red and put his hair in a bun! While we were working on Niko, Dad fell asleep so we started putting clothespins on him as a prank!! It was really funny!! When he woke up he didn't know what happened!! Then we started to give him a haircut and we went a little crazy! We straightened his hair, we sprayed him with water, and we put shaving cream all over him!! He was really messy so we had to wash him off so we took him to our bathing area and shoved him in the tub so that he could rinse off and then all of his clothes got wet! It was so funny to see him that way!!

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