Baazigar, O Baazigar | बाज़ीगर ओ बाज़ीगर - Hindi film Instrumental by Veena Meerakrishna

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Listen and enjoy the super hit song Baazigar, O Baazigar (बाज़ीगर ओ बाज़ीगर) from the Hindi movie Baazigar (बाज़ीगर) produced by United Seven's Creation. This song is composed by Anu Malik. Listen this composition in the instrumental with orchestration exclusively recorded and performed by VEENA MEERAKRISHNA. Adding another face of the talented performer MEERAKRISHNA by this performence. All the fans know her as Actor, News Reader, Singer and this is her another talent. Besides she is exponent in Konnakol the art of performance in vocal percussion.
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