Biography Of Bollywood Actress Nazima_आखिर कैसे गुमनाम हो गयी Bollywood की सबसे चहेती बहन_Naarad TV

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Biography Of Bollywood Actress Nazima आखिर कैसे गुमनाम हो गयी Bollywood की सबसे चहेती बहन_Naarad TV
Bollywood Actress Nazima Biography ,Lifestyle Net worth, Salary, earnings ,Age, Wife,Children,Family
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Nazima Biography In Hindi-
Nazima (née Mehr-un-Nissa) is a former Bollywood actress who was most famous for her roles as supporting actress in films in 1960s and early 1970s. She was born in Nashik (Maharashtra) and was known as the "Resident Sister" of Bollywood.
Nazima was born as Mehr-un-Nisa on 25 March 1946 in Nasik. She was related to actresses Sharifa Bai (of 1930s) and Husn Bano (of 1940s) who happened to be her grandmother and aunt respectively. She was admitted to a high school in Mumbai (then Bombay) and being from a filmy background, she was soon cast as a child artist by the name Baby Chand in her early films.
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