BOTB Midweek Car Competition Winner! Todd Ethersee – Ford Mustang Mach-1 + £35k – Week 24 2021

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It was just a typical working day for mortgage coordinator Todd Ethersee until Christian knocked on his door to give him the surprise of a lifetime! In the middle of a business call, Todd quickly said his polite goodbyes and rushed outside to see that he had won a brand new Ford Mustang Mach-1 (worth £55,000)!

Todd’s face beamed with excitement as he went on to explain how he has always loved Ford Mustangs and couldn’t believe it was really happening!

The astonishment didn’t stop there though, as Christian opened the boot revealing that he had also won a massive £35,000! Todd tearfully revealed his and his wife’s journey with IVF and explained that the money will be put towards continuing this next step.

We couldn’t be happier for you Todd! Congratulations!

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