Bowser's Fury Full Game Walkthrough

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Join Video Editor Alex Van Aken for a Bowser's Fury full game walkthrough, wherein he'll be playing the Nintendo Switch title from start to finish starting at 12:00 CT.

Super Mario 3D World is the latest Wii U release to make its pilgrimage to the Nintendo Switch, however, this time around Nintendo has packaged in a brand new 3D Mario game called Bowser's Fury. This spin-off features an unlikely partnership between Mario and Bowser Jr. who must both save Lake Lapcat from the destruction of an awoken Fury Bowser. Not only does the game feature an all-new story, but Bowser's Fury sports some of the best powerups from Super Mario 3D World, including the Super Bell, Fire Flower, Super Leaf, and Boomerang Flower; and Mario has to utilize all of them to collect enough Cat Shines (the game's main collectible) to transform into Giga Cat Mario to face off against Fury Bowser in an epic showdown.
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