Drawing Halloween Movie Characters AS WOLVES (Halloween 2020)

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Happy Halloween! This stream consists of 2 parts. The second scary stream of the night will begin right after this stream on Emperor Takashi’s channel:

Tonight’s stream also contains a Halloween Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win any item from my store - 100% free of charge. To enter the giveaway, just submit your YouTube username on the Google form linked below. One winner will be chosen at random at 7:45pm during this stream. To claim your prize you MUST be watching this stream during that time. Good luck!


As I was planning out the movies I want to binge this evening, I realized how much I LOVE scary movies! So this year I’m drawing some of the most ICONIC Halloween movie characters, but as wolves :o

► Official Voices / God-Level Actors & Actresses ◄
▷ Sam ~ HowlingDemon13:
▷ Sky ~ SkyWolf:
▷ Stew ~ Ghost Thad:
▷ Xavier ~ Dylan Poore:
▷ Ash ~ Emperor Takashi:
▷ Titus ~ Dean Richards:
▷ Cookie ~ Cougar macdowall VA:
▷ Troy ~ FakeRussianDude / Jarod Thaler:

-- Mods --
Tyler From Texas:

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