How NOT to make an indie game

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5 years ago, I started work on my first unity project with very little experience. I’d made some smaller hobbyist games in Game Maker Studio, but this was the first time working on something professional. And progress… was really slow. Beyond art and programming, I had to worry about a whole range of skills I hadn’t really considered - like music, sound design, user experience, marketing, and game design itself.

It’s no secret that game development takes a long time. But fast forward 5 years, and I now have a relatively complete game that I’m really happy with! It’s simple, juicy and fun. However, the path from there to here was very shaky, with a lot of setbacks and tough lessons. And halfway through, I even had to scrap development and start over from scratch!

But you know, these kinds of problems seem to happen to a lot of new developers - to varying degrees. And that’s why I’ve made this video, so that you can learn something from my mistakes.
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