My Wife Realised She's Bi - Now We Share A Girlfriend | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

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A MARRIED couple have discovered they are polyamarous after falling in love and forming a throuple with another woman. Portland based couple Eli and Mikey, had been together for 16 years as a straight, monogamous couple, before they met Alida on a camping trip. In spite of the throuple’s clear love and acceptance of one another, the relationship has not been without its judgement. This has often manifested itself in the form of stares and comments from strangers, but the triad don’t hide their affection and defy the looks by holding hands and showing their love in public. Online, the comments about their relationship are easier to ignore, but Mikey admits those that suggest they are “destroying their kids” can be hurtful.

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Videographer: Taylor Bluemel
Producers: Frazer Randalls and Charles Richards
Editor: Akash Beri

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