Netflix Gets Into The Child Sexual Exploitation Business | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 561

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Netflix has officially released the “Cuties” movie about twerking 11-year-olds. Many defenders of the film in the media said that the outrage against the film was off base and that its detractors were taking things out of context. Well, now the full movie is publicly available. And it turns out, it’s even worse than we thought. Also Five Headlines including another shocking scandal that is sure to bring down Donald Trump. At least that’s what they tell me on CNN. And in our Daily Cancellation, I am sad to report that I must cancel my wife yet again.

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00:00 - Opening
02:10 - Netflix Gets Into The Child Sexual Exploitation Business
12:48 - Why did Trump sit down with Bob Woodward in the first place?
18:08 - Operation Legend Cut Chicago Murder Rate ‘Roughly In Half’ ‘Reversed’ Surge In Violence
22:07 - Family kicked off of plane over face mask
27:22 - Trevor Noah on gender reveal parties
31:01 - Mrs. Walsh is cancelled (again)

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