NEU calls for schools to close during lockdown

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The National Education Union has called for schools to close during lockdown.

"We think it's a real missed opportunity, it's another half measure," joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, Kevin Courtney, said. "Without schools closing, it's unlikely to have the full effect the Prime Minister wants".

The NEU are calling for schools to totally close during the upcoming lockdown, then return on a 'rota basis' with lessons split between school and home.

Former chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport described the latest lockdown in England as "definitely" better late than never, but said it was "obviously a possibility" that these restrictions could last longer than the first lockdown.

He told Sky's Sophy Ridge: "The lockdown is not as severe as it was first time round, so the only way to know is to see how quickly the new cases start dropping.

"As we know, there's a lag between the case developing, hospitalisation and the horrible consequences of severe illness or death."

"It's unlikely this time to come down quite as fast as it did during the first lockdown because we have got schools open.

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