Pikes Peak's Top 10 CRAZIEST Cars

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A huge thanks to Pikes Peak for supplying the footage of these amazing cars! Check out their channel here -

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What happens when you let engineers have completely free reign? No regulations, no power limits and whatever mad aero design they can come up with.

Well, you get crazy-powerful, high-downforce - monsters.

This is exactly what they do in the Unlimited Division at Pikes Peak, where we get to see how they stack up against each other, as well as how it can go wrong.

Home-designed and made machines can compete against big-money international car companies to race to the top of the 14,000-foot mountain. A course with no run-off, no barriers, standard road-tarmac and 2000 foot drops.

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Pikes Peak is a battleground between corporation-backed teams with deep pockets and home-grown heroes building cars in sheds. And it’s so entertaining to watch.

This Hillclimb is famous for being the battleground between trucks, open wheelers and purpose built race cars - all competing against each other to reach the peak the fastest.

The paddock is filled with machines that have incredible aerodynamics, the largest turbochargers you’ve ever seen, and, some of the bravest drivers.

We’re going to show you Pikes Peak’s top ten craziest cars.

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