The Last Airbender is the Worst Film Ever Made — HERE'S WHY

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00:00 - Intro
01:57 - Book 1: aS yOU kNoW
25:53 - Book 2: Bring Me All Your Elderly
52:22 - Book 3: HU, HU, HU, HU, HU, AHHHHHHH
1:14:25 - Book 4: Are you the Avatar, Aang?
1:22:06 - Book 5: Satan's Mascots
1:27:58 - Book 6: The Ring is Mine!
1:57:05 - Book Who Knows! My Name is Aang, and I am the Avatar
2:14:27 - Book: The Good Things?
2:15:11 - Book: The End. Question Mark?

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