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This project is one of my major highlights in this season of pandemic. We started on the chain of endless emails and revisions, conceptualizing, planning, and finalizing the whole release all in the comfort of our own homes. Safe to say, in the comfort of our own pajama bottoms (because we need a presentable top for our Zoom meetings, am i right?)
Like the creative process i had with my song #CouldILoveYouAnyMore, with the help and support from my label Universal Music Germany, everything was done virtually with these amazing, individuals Radboud, Jarin Lourens, and Twan Ray of #Bloome from Europe. From that to working our way around the COVID restrictions and safety protocols in order to produce a music video all for the love of art, it was truly an experience i enjoyed in spite of dealing with the world's 'new normal'.
Shooting the Music Video also means a lot to me because it is another collaboration between me and very talented, up and coming i am glad to call my friends. No one else i would rather hop on this explorative train with than these guys who willingly committed their time, creative minds, effort, (and humor on set lol) to help make my vision for this song come to life.

#TheRose plays a pivotal role in my journey as not just a Youtube creator who does renditions of your favorite timeless tunes with her ukulele-but also as an artist. I have always looked forward to the day i can finally show you all the other side of my sound, knowing that this has always been a part of who i am. I'm very happy that as i continue to grow as a woman and an artist, i can openly share that through my music; and it has been an honor to have all of you witness that and support me through it all.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. ????

Video by: Mark Palad

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