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The South Stand is a drama short film which looks at racism in football and how much has changed since the black footballing pioneers of the 1970s took to the pitch. This is the second film from writer/director Rich Walker and features some best Black British acting talent.

Written and Directed by Rich Walker @ahwlkr
Starring Ike Bennett (@ike_bnntt), Patrick Elue, Fode Simbo and Cornell John.
Produced by Rich Walker and Anthony Joblin
Cinematography by Fabio Calascibetta @
Assistant Director, Zarife Sevin
Edited by Vladimir Nanevski @vladikul
Casting Director, Eliza Heslop @elizaheslop
Colour by Nigel Tadyanehondo @nxcolour
Sound Design by Lewis Clark
Costume Design by Linda Haysman @lindahaysman
Hair and Makeup by Amber Pitkin (@amberpitkin) & Antoinette Aderotoye (@@stylist_net)



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