Top 30 Operator Skins in Warzone [Stealth vs Flex] | Call of Duty Black Ops Warzone

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What are the best operators and outfits in Call of Duty Warzone? With the stealth nerfs and buffs to Cold War Weapons, let's focus on something that should remain consistent throughout the updates…

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- Grinch: All Ghillied up, Blood in the Water, Forest Spirit, Nightfang, Bog and Muddy Water, The Armadillo
- Roze

- Azur: Arctic Wolf (Wolf’s Bane bundle)
- Azur: Brother’s Keeper (Sentinel bundle)
- Adler: Detective (Double Agent bundle)
- Otter: Lock and Stock (Warzone Combat Pack)
- Baker: Clown (Big Joke pack)
- Bulldozer: Belligerent (Zombie Dozer pack)
- Bulldozer: Bulldozer (Tracer Pack: Bulldozer Operator Bundle)
- Domino: Cataclysm (The Singularity pack)
- Domino: Licorne (Rainbow Sparkles pack)
- Ghost: Azrael (Ghost: Grim Reaper pack)
- Golem: Junk Pile (Urban Avenger pack)
- Grinch: The Lionheart (Heart of a Lion pack)
- Iskra: Arachnis (The Amethyst Assassin pack)
- Mace: The Armorer (The Executive Armorer pack)
- Minotaur: Gungnir (Ragnarok pack)
- Morte: Billy (Saw pack)
- Portnova: Killer Bee (Disavowed Assassin pack)
- Raines: Bunyan (Lumber Tactical pack)
- Ronin: Honjo (Black Ops Season 1, get 5 longshots while using ronin as your operator in MW)
- Sims: Mafioso (Debt Collector pack)
- Stitch: Toxic Terror (Season 1 Battlepass, then zombies challenges)
- Stone: Stealth (City Ripper bundle)
- Talon: Motu Nui (Eagle Eye pack)
- Velikan: Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pack)
- Velikan: Woodman (Heartless pack)
- Yegor: Czar (Season 5)
- Zane: Miasma (Acid Spill pack)
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